Saturday, February 23, 2008

moved to bigcartel

Oh my poor neglected side shop online blog, you have been dumped, without been given much of a chance. Yes we've hooked up with bigcartel. So if you would like to shop with us online because you live interstate, overseas or are too lazy to come and visit in person please take a peek here. If there's anything you've seen on our blogs or flickr site that you like the look of, please email us.... You never know your luck....

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

shinzi katoh plate set & lunch box

Welcome to our first post and try out of selling a few items online before we go ahead and pay someone to re-design our website. First up you may recognise these cute morning plate sets from shinzi katoh. We have now added the red rabbit, alongside the yellow bear and blue cat. Each set is $38.00 AUD plus postage. (Approx $10.00 within Aus.)
And shinzi katoh bento lunch boxes. These come in four designs, energy, blue train, gibbon & mouton. These are perfect for small eating people or your baby and toddler mush or snacks. Each lunch box is $25.00 AUD plus postage. (Approx $5.00 with Aus.)
We prefer direct deposit, so that the banks don't have to take any more money than necessary. But will accept paypal from international customers. Please email us at
These are also available in our real world shop.